Greetings All,
The supervisor is supervisor and everyone is different. I will try to classify the supervisor into some category that will help you understand yourself as a supervisor.
Great Supervisor
Great personality who is a thorough professional, wants to learn and teach people. He is a motivator, innovator and takes the team to ride.
Just do it Supervisor
This type of supervisor is target based and s/he wants things to be done at any cost. If you can get the job done, s/he is happy.
Mean Supervisor
Is very mean and does not want anybody else to take the credit. Whatever you do, s/he will pose as s/he has done it.
Indifferent Supervisor
This type of supervisor is indifferent to business. He is neither worried about the performance or non-performance.
Pain in neck supervisor
You can never please them and they have a habit of finding fault in everything.
Diplomatic supervisor
Is the one who critically analyze the situation and take necessary steps accordingly. They have smart brain in their head.
Selfish Supervisor
This type of supervisor always uses people and throws them out. S/He has his own secret motives.
Suresh Amatya